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Discover Caral Civilization, Peru’s Oldest Civilization

If you are planning to travel to and exotic destination for your next trip and you’re interested in package holidays in South America, you will be surely interested in Peru and caral civilization.

At the same time the three well-known pyramids of Egypt, Keops, Kefrén and Micerino with an antiquity of 5000 years were built, a surprising civilization on the other side of the world, in Peru, began to build its history. We’re talking about the one which is considered the oldest civilization in America: the Caral civilization.

holidays to peru

The town of Caral reached approximately 3000 people who lived there; a modern city with cobbled streets, public buildings, homes and temples where ceremonial activities took place. The central square was the center of all the town that is composed of squares and buildings such as the plaza menor, mayor and the huaca. Continue reading

Already know when the best time to visit the Philippines is?

Are you tired of European beaches for your holidays? If so, we propose you to visit the Philippines. The Philippines is a country that has grown considerably in terms of the volume of tourists in recent years. It represents one of those Asian jewels that remain unexplored by European and American tourists, as well as similar countries like Indonesia. However, the usual doubt arises: when the best time to visit the Philippines is?

The answer is simple. The best time to visit the Philippines would be between the months of February and April. The climate of the Philippines is basically tropical and therefore the seasons are divided into two: the dry season and the rainy season. That’s it.

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What to buy in Budapest: The best products from the capital of Hungary.

The beautiful pearl of the Danube is one of the most visited cities in Europe, thanks, mostly for its beautiful attractions. Hungary is the favourite destination for students or visitors travelling on a budget, looking for world-class attractions, delicious culinary options, good drinks and lively environment, at affordable prices.

When you visit a city, sooner or later you will need to get a nice gift for someone, so, on this post, we want to help you to decide what to buy in Budapest, where to get it and which are the typical artefacts everyone should get when visiting the beautiful capital of Hungary. If you are visiting this lovely city for 2 or 3 days, you will have plenty of time to visit some of our options. Not sure what to buy in Budapest? Check out this post.

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