5 Cheap Beach Destinations for the Perfect Summer

Summer is just around the corner, this means that is the time to prepare your dreamy summer holidays. Although we always want to plan our holidays in advance, we always end up organising our trip at the last minute, right? If you are one of those and still don’t have your holidays prepared, don’t worry, on this post we propose you cheap beach destinations for unforgettable summer holidays. Check it out!

Cheap Beach Destinations

Tenerife, Islas Canarias

5 Cheap Beach Destinations for the Perfect Summer

The Canary Islands are not only a paradise but also a very cheap beach destination perfect for this summer. Tenerife features impressive beaches, beautiful and unique landscapes in which the Teide is the great protagonist. The weather in Tenerife makes it a fabulous beach destination 365 days of the year. Furthermore, the airlines offer reasonable prices all year round. Playa Los Cristianos, back in the sixties, was one of the first to launch mass tourism, when Tenerife was just beginning to discover its charms to the world. For those who loves shallow and calm waters, this beach is perfect.

Cabo de la Vela, Guajira, Colombia

Cabo de la Vela is a magical place, special and full of charm, the perfect spot for those looking for cheap beach destinations. To get to this corner of Colombia is necessary to take a two-hour ride through the middle of the Guajira desert which is, undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience. In Cabo, there is no electricity and no drinking water. In few words, no distraction, just enjoy the stunning beauty of the area. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a 5-star resort, this is not the spot for you, the typical accommodation is sleeping in a hammock on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

Malapascua, Filipinas.

On the southern area of the Philippines, there is a small island where time seems to pass at different speed. This area is a place where there are no cars or traffic lights and where the only thing that will make you stop are the smiles of its inhabitants. Malapascua has its own rhythm, much more leisurely, that takes place between coconut palms, beaches of white sand, crystalline waters and stunning sunsets. Malapascua is pure Filipino magic from which you will not want to go.

Can you picture yourself in a place like this? If you have a tight budget, you will be glad to know that you can eat for less than 1£ and sleep for about 8£. Are you packing up your suitcase?

Halong Bay, Vietnam

This bay is one of the most demanded destinations in Vietnam. It’s a place of great beauty that has multiple islands and caves. The archipelago of Halong Bay, with its famous calcareous rocks scattered by the sea, is one of the most famous destinations in the world thanks so its stunning beaches. Furthermore, very close to the National Park of Cat Ba, you will find the small bay of Lan Ha. This Bay features more than 130 beautiful beaches, many of these are small and unknown. We recommend you rent a kayak, explore the surroundings and find a hidden beach.