The most dangerous path in Spain: El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in Malaga. A natural area located in the region of Guadalhorce. The most dangerous path in Spain is a must for lovers of climbing and hiking in general. From its rocky walls stands a ruinous walkway not suitable for those who suffer vertigo.

The most dangerous path in Spain

The most dangerous path in Spain: El Caminito del Rey

The path has remained closed for fifteen years. The current Government collected a perennial demand of the mayors of the area and, after several unfinished projects, developed an ambitious restoration plan to value the area and add it to the tourist offer of the province. This place, which for years has been degraded by the inaction of the administrations, is embedded between the municipalities of Álora, Ardales and Antequera. It runs through the Sierra Huma and has one of its most spectacular views on the particular “aerial” path that, anchored 100 meters above the river.

The enclave offers multiple alternatives for lovers of sport and nature. There are numerous hiking routes of different degrees of difficulty, which in most cases exceed ten kilometres. One of the most interesting routes starts from The Swamp El Chorro. This route borders the Sierra Huma and then enter to the Arabian ladder. Those who are in better shape can climb the ridge by its north face, passing by the famous “Student’s Shortcut”, in a journey of no more than 12 kilometres that require approximately seven hours for its realisation. But this destination not only attracts trekkers, it also offers many possibilities for cyclists.

It’s also the perfect destination for “Hunting Photographers“, who can capture with their cameras examples of mountain goats, griffon vultures, falcons and owls, as well as mammals such as the otter or fox. Water sports enthusiasts also have their space in the three reservoirs in the area, while those who prefer adventure have the possibility of practising canyoning, speleology or paragliding.

The tour

The walkways, due to how dangerous they were until the restoration, are the most famous part of the path. To complete the route you will need around 4 and 5 hours. Please note that in order to reach the accesses of the walkways must travel a considerable distance.

This fabulous location offers many possibilities to travellers. Antequera is a monumental city, with hundred buildings dating from the Bronze Age to the 18th century, among which are numerous churches. Especially striking is the Trompo Museum. This Museum has a large collection of this toy that is reinvented year after year and serves as a guide to disseminate, extend and recover the practice of traditional games. For lovers of military life, the Museum of the Legion offers detailed information of this unit of the Spanish Army. Furthermore, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Roman baths.

Gastronomic offer

The nearby area of Caminito Del Rey has an interesting gastronomic offer. The porra antequerana, also known as salmorejo, is a fine cream, variant of the traditional gazpacho, which is irresistible. The typical breakfast of this area is the “mollete” smeared with tomato and a thread of oil. The municipality of Álora, in addition to its olives with the denomination of origin, is famous for the Perota Soup.

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