Explore the UK: the longest bridges in UK

Bridges are structures that provide passage over obstacles such as rough terrain, valleys or water. That’s the most accurate description of the word “Bridge”, yet, nowadays bridges are not a mere structure designed to connect an area with other, in some cases are impressive artworks.

Most people go abroad for visiting impressive structures like “Millau Viaduct” in France or the Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge in China, but most people ignore the fantastic constructions that we have in the UK. So, are you ready to explore the beautiful areas of the UK? Check out this post and discover which the longest bridges in UK are.

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Where to celebrate Chinese New Year: The year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year is a fabulous holidays in which people honor deities and their ancestors. In the past few years, this celebration has become very popular in occidental world. Due to immigration, there are many fantastic areas where you can expect to celebrate this fabulous festival.

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