Explore the UK: the longest bridges in UK

Bridges are structures that provide passage over obstacles such as rough terrain, valleys or water. That’s the most accurate description of the word “Bridge”, yet, nowadays bridges are not a mere structure designed to connect an area with other, in some cases are impressive artworks.

Most people go abroad for visiting impressive structures like “Millau Viaduct” in France or the Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge in China, but most people ignore the fantastic constructions that we have in the UK. So, are you ready to explore the beautiful areas of the UK? Check out this post and discover which the longest bridges in UK are.

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Cheapest way to see the northern lights: 3 fantastic affordable destinations

Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland…. You have numerous options where to admire this fabulous natural spectacle but none of them are cheap. Unfortunately, for us, the Northern Lights has become a business. Lots of travellers are deprived to enjoy this fabulous natural spectacle, due to its prices. However, on this post, we will tell you the cheapest way to see the northern lights so you won’t miss this amazing miracle. Check out which are the cheapest way to see the northern lights.

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