Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays.

Summer has finally arrived, and we are all thinking where to escape to enjoy and unwind for everyday routine. How about few days soaking up the sun at the beach? Or hiking and practice sports in the mountains, the options are varied, right? Well, we suggest you think twice because even the best-planned holidays can end up becoming a real nightmare.

On this post, we have chosen horror movie destinations that can prove that even idyllic locations are not what they seem. Are you ready to be the protagonist of a horror flick? Check out the following list and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your holidays at any of these Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays.

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Holidays in Alaska: Fabulous places to visit in Alaska.

Do you want to spend your next holidays in Alaska? Located in Northwestern area of North America, Alaska is one of the most attractive states in the United States. Do you dare to discover it? Below you will find the best tourist destinations in Alaska. Undoubtedly, Alaska is a territory where nature is the main protagonist.

Holidays in Alaska

Prince William Sound Glaciers

Certainly, majestic glaciers characterise Alaska. Many of them are located in the town of Prince William Sound. In it, you can see walls of more than 5 meters in height. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a lovely cruise aboard a ferry on the calm waters of Prince William Sound. On the cruise, you will see the numerous natural wonders of Alaska as well as top marine environments. Continue reading

Enjoy your holidays in Belarus: The best attractions in Belarus

Known as the White Russia, Belarus, a Republic of broad plains, leafy forests covering more than a third of the country and more than 10 thousand lakes, is an intriguing tourist destination to embark on a journey. 207 thousand square kilometres and 10 million inhabitants retain their mystery because it has remained unexplored and absorbed in its shell since the fall of communism. It’s one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union where the statues of Lenin are still standing and KGB services are still used.

With capital in Minsk, Belarus has always been a country dependent on others. However, it was in 1939 that it was already constituted as an independent state. The most characteristic of Belarus is perhaps the great number of revolutions and wars that have played in it, which makes it even more interesting to visit. So, on this post, we propose you 8 interesting things to do and the best attractions in Belarus.

The best attractions in Belarus

Monument to the memory of Lenin

It’s not surprising that the cities of Belarus still have some monuments to honour Lenin’s memory. One of the most interesting monuments of Lenin is in Minsk, the capital of the country. This one is in the front of the house of Government of Minsk. In Belarus, most of the cities and villages feature a statue of the Revolutionary leader of the USSR. Continue reading