Is Luxembourg worth to visit? Discover 5 Things to do in Luxembourg:

The fact that Luxembourg is a destination that is not as famous as many others, suggests that in reality, its inhabitants prefer to keep secret everything that refers to their small and cosy city. As soon as you get there you will understand why this country is so special with an old town that was declared a World Heritage Site since 1994.

Luxembourg boasts a large number of castles and an enviable nature around the Moselle River. It’s also the capital of one of the richest countries in the world, hidden between France, Germany and Belgium. But if you still don’t know why it should be on your bucket list, we give you 5 reasons that will make you change your mind.

Things to do in Luxembourg

1. Wander around the history centre

Discover 5 Things to do in Luxembourg

The best way to explore the city is on foot. The city is small and you can enjoy pleasant strolls from one place to another. The capital preserves a beautiful and well-preserved historical centre as well as an enclosure of walls and fortifications unique in Europe. Thanks to its small size, it’s very easy to explore it. However, be prepared to go up and down on stairs and ramps, as the city is divided into 2 marked areas: La Ville Haute and La Ville Basse. Continue reading

9 legendary trips that any traveler would like to do

When you start travelling you do it for few days. When you back home you cannot help to remember all those good memories from your last trip. Is at that very moment when you realise that you have been exposed to a bug: the travel bug. After those getaways, you want to enjoy longer and better trips around the world; Europe is not enough anymore, America seems to be the final border until visiting the land down under… If you have become a traveller, you are aware that there are some legendary trips that everyone should do once in their lifetime. On this post, we have selected those fabulous routes around the world that inspire. Join us on this journey through 9 legendary trips. Check it out!

9 Legendary trips

The Trans-Siberian

This route should be included on any top of legendary trips around the world. The Trans-Siberian is a 9,288 km train route from Moscow to the city of Vladivostok, near the Pacific Ocean. In this great route, you can link other 2 fabulous trips: The Trans-Manchurian and the Trans-Mongolian.

The Trans-Manchurian makes the same route as the Trans-Siberian to Társkaya and ends in Beijing. The Transmongolian coincides with the Trans-Siberian to Ulan Ude and ends in the Chinese city of Jining. This route takes seven days of the train to cross all Russia, but you have the opportunity to enjoy intermediate stops. If you have several weeks, don’t miss the chance to visit the incredible Lake Baikal. Continue reading

Danube River Cruise: Amazing journey through the cities of the Danube

The Danube River runs through numerous cities in 10 European countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Its waters bathe the shores of beautiful cities like Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade, Vienna or Regensburg. Along with these cities, practically always appears Prague within the circuits, reason why it’s included in this journey through the cities of the Danube. Although the Danube crosses other beautiful cities, on this post we focus on those that offer the best views of this river, which Delta is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The hydrofoil or how to cruise between Prague, Budapest, Vienna

The prices of the Danube River Cruise are somewhat more expensive than in the case of trains or buses but, of course, worth it. These cities are simply beautiful and feature magnificent landscapes, splendid places and offer the best conditions for those travellers who want to spend unforgettable holidays in Europe. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this fabulous journey on a Danube River Cruise.

From Regensburg to Prague

The historical centre of Regensburg is a clear example of the Bavarian beauty. Its streets and German houses, some of them dating from the Middle Ages, deserve a visit. Enjoy a coffee in one of its terraces and spend at least two nights in the city and visit its most special attractions. On Regensburg, you will find a large number of historic structures including some ancient Roman and Gothic buildings. Certainly, Regensburg is the perfect starting point for a fabulous journey through the cities of the Danube, as from this city you can take a cruise to Prague.

From Prague to Vienna

This is “the route” by antonomasia and also is the one where you can learn the most. The treasures of Prague are led by the old clock as well as the historic quarter, St. Nicholas Church and Prague’s Castle. Also, the cathedral of San Vito and the alley of the gold are interesting places. Undoubtedly, Prague is a city that enchants, it’s impossible not falling in love with this city.

Prague is very close to Vienna, which means you can get there either by cruise or train. However, the Danube River Cruise is the best option. Vienna is one of the jewels of Central Europe thanks to its lively atmosphere.

From Vienna to Budapest

Now we are in Vienna, the imperial capital of Austria. This city offers a delightful blend of traditions and overwhelming modern architecture. A city famous for being the birthplace of Strauss, Beethoven and Mozart, a city that certainly enchants and makes everyone fall in love with its charm. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit The Schönbrunn Palace and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the site of Mozart’s wedding and funeral. Everything in this city is beautiful and we know it. Now is time to continue our Danube River Cruise and visit Budapest.

Considered the jewel of the Danube par excellence, Budapest is a fabulous destination that should be on your bucket list. Travellers who have visited Prague or Vienna, including Regensburg, will notice a huge difference between these cities and Budapest. The city offers many wonders such as the Palace of Buda, the Batast, the castle, similar to Bran Castle located somewhere in the dark and stark hills of Transylvania. Certainly, a city that has it all: good food, top attractions and affordable prices.

Alternative Routes:

From Budapest to Bratislava

Also accessible from Vienna, Bratislava is a very economical city that has an interesting historical centre. The capital of Slovakia maybe is not one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but certainly, it’s capable to surprise visitors with its beautiful attractions such as its castle and its numerous parks.

From Budapest to Belgrade

Danube River Cruise

Another alternative route is Belgrade. The capital of Serbia is more resplendent than ever. This city is beautiful and offers you two rivers for the price of one. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. With more than 7,000 years of history, this city is one of the largest in Europe and its streets breathe the typical atmosphere of a city in which culture and art are two very important pillars.