The most spectacular fountains in the world: Top 5 Best Water Shows

Did you know that centuries ago fountains were purely functional, connected to aqueducts, some others to springs, but all of them were used simply to provide water for either drink or washing? It was until Roman times when fountains became a decorative element in gardens of wealthy citizens. Today, Fountains are both practical for drinking water as well as recreational.

The human inventiveness always finds amazing ways to make fabulous attraction with unexpected elements, like water. Basting it sky high, illuminating with spectacular lights and dancing at the sound of music, Water Shows are simply incredible. Not a single person would not admire the beautiful water shows that some fountains offer, so, we invite you to relax and take a look at our fabulous list with the best Water Shows in the world. Check it out!

Best Water Shows in the world

World of Colour, California.

By Anna Fox from San Jose, CA, USA (World of Color Uploaded by themeparkgc) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Magic Kingdom is not only an amazing place for unforgettable holidays for you and your kids, but also “The happiest place on earth” features one of the best water show in the world: The World of Colour. 1200 fountains that shoot water up to 200 feet in the sky, fire, lights and fog all these elements come together and perform an incredible fountain shows with top effects in synchronization with the sound of music and images of the famous characters of Disney, certainly a spectacle truly beautiful to behold.

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Loneliest Road of America

Along Route 50 of Nevada: the Loneliest Road of America

It has been renamed the “Loneliest Road of America”. This is the Route 50: hundreds of lonely miles crossing the state of Nevada, United States of America. Hundreds of miles of a no horizon expanse among desert landscapes, snowy mountains and spectacular blue skies or pinky sunsets.

Miles and miles of route from Fallon to Ely passing through Austin and Eureka without the opportunity to meet anyone and where the only traveling companion can really be just the car you are driving. For those who want to enjoy the loneliness, the Route 50 is therefore the ideal place and is also the perfect scenario where to get in touch with a concept of extreme nature also at the climatic level, with dramatic thermic excursions between day and night.

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Holidays in Alaska: Fabulous places to visit in Alaska.

Do you want to spend your next holidays in Alaska? Located in Northwestern area of North America, Alaska is one of the most attractive states in the United States. Do you dare to discover it? Below you will find the best tourist destinations in Alaska. Undoubtedly, Alaska is a territory where nature is the main protagonist.

Holidays in Alaska

Prince William Sound Glaciers

Certainly, majestic glaciers characterise Alaska. Many of them are located in the town of Prince William Sound. In it, you can see walls of more than 5 meters in height. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a lovely cruise aboard a ferry on the calm waters of Prince William Sound. On the cruise, you will see the numerous natural wonders of Alaska as well as top marine environments. Continue reading